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San Jacinto pole setting

Utility poles weigh somewhere around 700 lbs. each. Our electric lineworkers generally use heavy equipment to dig the holes for and move the poles to an upright position that allows for wire to be strung over crossarms and deliver electricity to power our homes.

Our team of Project Indiana lineworkers is traveling to Guatemala today to start the process of stringing that wire and make all of the important connections that will ultimately power about 110 homes in San Jacinto. But, the residents of this village have been working incredibly hard to prepare for their arrival.

When Project Indiana offered to help electrify San Jacinto, the villagers committed to set approximately 70 poles before our project team arrives. That’s a momentous task for any line crew, but the team of villagers has done it without the heavy equipment we have the use of here in the states. They’ve done it all by hand. Their dreams run that deep.

They dream about what they can do and how they can improve the quality of life for their children – all with the aid of modern conveniences a simple flow of electric current can power. And, our lineworkers are helping turn those dreams into plans.

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