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Water and fire

Last night, the mayor of the Chahal municipality (a municipality is more like a county in the United States) invited representatives of Project Indiana to a council meeting after visiting San Jacinto during the day. Several representatives from the village also attended.

The council and the residents thanked the Project Indiana team for helping to bringing electricity to the village. They described the new lights after sunset as “beautiful.”

Project Indiana Board Chair Ron Holcomb offered to purchase a new electric water pump for the village so they can again have access to water within the village. In return, the village residents agreed to put new wood-fired cook stoves with ventilator pipes in the kitchens.

They currently cook over open fires inside the homes. The village residents have only ever known cooking with a wood fire and it will be very difficult to to change that. But, the ventilation afforded with a stove pipe will be a vast improvement for the indoor air quality of these residents.

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