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A productive day

The project team was anxious to get to work, and they sure were productive today!

They spent their first night in the village last night, where it rained all night and the temperature hit about 60 degrees F. The crew started the day with a hot breakfast of eggs and beans, and a review of the day’s plans.

After breakfast, they loaded the trucks with supplies and headed out to begin pulling wire. Throughout the day, the crew pulled all of the wire they had on site and only have about four spans left to pull. Additional wire will be delivered to the village Monday.

This project incorporates two transformers, one of which is on a pole at the peak of the mountain at about 12,000 ft. That transformer was hung today as well.

Once all of the available wire was hung, the crew started hanging wire on poles. The crew got wire hung on approximately seven poles, with approximately three spans completely in the air.

The weather throughout the day was 75-80 degrees F and cloudy, but the sun made an appearance shortly before dinner. They’re expecting rain again overnight.

The team concluded the day feeling good about all they’d been able to accomplish in a short time. The hot showers and a hot meal were appreciated after a long and productive day.