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A Broken Record

It seems like each daily update has become a broken record, but it was another beautiful and productive day! The weather was perfect yet again and allowed the project team to accomplish a lot.

At the end of today, the team has just seven spans each of triplex and duplex wire to pull to be at a point of electrifying all of the homes in the village. However, they need some additional guy wire to finish that part of the project. They expect that guy wire to be delivered to the village overnight.

The team also anticipates having about a day and a half of work to complete at the school to increase the reliability at that location.

They are currently planning to tackle the maintenance work near the Mexican/Guatemalan border on Friday, assuming all continues to go well this week.

They are getting some significant rainfall in the village overnight, and that may significantly slow the pace of the work. The terrain of the village is tough, and the rain will make navigating it even more difficult.

The village residents have been working right alongside our project team throughout this build. They understand how impactful electricity will be for them, and are with our team every step of the way. And, although there’s a language barrier, the village children are taking it all in. Their smiles demonstrate their interest in this life-changing time in their lives.