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“We kicked…”

Village residents and Project Indiana team members work together to roll a new spool of secondary line into place.

One of the project team members summed up Wednesday’s work with a simple, “we kicked a##!”

The project team is obviously happy with the progress they’ve made and they’re eager to get back at it each day. Wednesday they wired the inside of 15 more homes, for a total of 21.

Wednesday they also pulled 34 spans of secondary line, which will run from the transformers to the homes. Because the load is small, only five transformers are necessary to power 92 homes. The heavier, coated service lines will run below the primary lines along the main road running through San Jacinto.

Two spans of secondary line had to be pulled in to the steep hills above the village. At the top, both spans took right angle turns to the left. One crossed a gully, the other a shallow ravine planted with corn that included some outcrops of rocks.

The temperatures Wednesday were in the low 80s, but the humidity was very high. It varied from overcast, light rain, to partly cloudy.

Thursday morning, they were planning to make the 30-minute drive from the hotel to the village about 7 a.m. The village residents were setting one more pole the project team felt was needed between the very first pole off the power supply and the second.

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