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Steady progress Thursday

Joe Banfield, Indiana Electric Cooperatives, and his “assistants” ready line for installation.

The project team made steady progress again Thursday. A total of 36 homes are now wired and secondary line has been pulled for most of the homes. Another pole is being set Friday.

Thursday’s weather started off in the 70s and was breezy and partly cloudy, then after another light rain it stayed overcast and got pretty humid.

Brent Buckles, Northeastern REMC, shared some gifts with the local school children. Brent’s wife is a teacher at a Fort Wayne Montessori school and her students sent some gifts for the San Jacinto school children. Brent took a few photos of the students to share with the American students, and then showed the photos to the San Jacinto students. Many residents of the village have never seen themselves in photographs.

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